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Organization Space

Organization Space is part of the Organization Services, it provides organization a private space for the internal collaborations between their Organization Members.  Below are the characteristics about it:

  • It is a complete private space within BLW eNetwork, only the members of a specific organization could access that organization space, other BLW eNetwork members don't even know the existence of the organization space.
  • Organization Members are defined by the Organization Super Admin only.
  • The member directory within Organization Space is the full list of Organization Members from internal perspective, which should be equivalent to (or the super set of) the Organization Directory (i.e., directory shown to outsider).
  • By default there are two forums inside the Organization Space, namely Collaboration and Project Discussion.  Discussion within the forum can be categorized by pre-defined category, or grouped by user-defined tag.
  • Organization Members can form Special Task Team such as project team within the Organization Space, and set the project discussion with visibility of a specific project team.


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