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Organization Account

An Organization Account is part of the Organization Services, which to represent the organization, instead of the individual members within that organization.

Default account privacy setting of an organization account is to set as "Public", so the Profile page at My Space can be treated as a company website and present to both BLW eNetwork members and the outsiders (i.e. Guest).  Besides the static information on the profile page, which can be edited any time by the Organization Super Admin, there are a couple of dynamic information sections are displayed in My Space, some examples are:


  1. Recommendations from other BLW eNetwork members.
  2. Post that published by the organization account.
  3. Activities interacted with other BLW eNetwork members (subjected to the visibility of each activity).


Please note that visibility of (1) is set to Public, which is to promote the organization's reputation by the third-party opinion.

For post in (2), those in the fourm of Member's Annoucement will be set to Public by default, which can serve for the news update about the organziation.


Organization Account is equivalent to the Organization Super Admin account, organization should provide an unique email address for the account set up, it should be different from any of the organization member accounts.


Examples of Organization Accounts are listed here.

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