About BLW eNetwork

Connect with Business Leaders Who care

BLW is a membership-based business learning and referral network, active in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Our members are business leaders who care about creating a positive social impact whilst doing business.

Our BLW eNetwork is a result of our digital transformation of BLW into a digital ecosystem that will foster business collaboration and create business opportunities locally and regionally.  

We believe in diversity and inclusion. Besides leaders and professionals from large commercial organizations and SME business owners, we also welcome social entrepreneurs, start-up founders and leaders of non-profit making organizations.


About BLW eNetwork



To provide an exclusive digital business platform for business leaders and owners who care for the society and the community whilst doing more business through our platform designed for professional learning, business referrals and relationship building with other key decision-makers.



The founder of BLW network is Dennis Tang. He has extensive international business experience and the vision is to promote positive social impact and create shared value (CSV) as part of any businesses as they grow. 



To provide a digital ecosystem where different stakeholders in our communities can connect together for professional learning, business collaboration and referrals and opportunities for social contribution to the society.